81 Websites to Find Side Gigs to Make More Money Now

Who doesn’t require more money? If you’re not up for forex trading, selling an organ on the black market or meddling illicit activity, earnings on the side is easier to find than ever before, thanks to the burgeoning freelance economy and the technology that supports it. Here are 81 websites that assist you earn money through a side gig:


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Why Paytm is hiving off its marketplace into separate entity

Noida based e-commerce behemoth Paytm is hiving off its market as a different entity. This relocation is being done in order to ring-fence the marketplace company from the regulated company of financial services, said Sudhanshu Gupta, Vice President of Paytm, in an email statement to YourStory.


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Ways to Earn Money Through Fiverr

Helping individuals make money by offering their skills online has become something of a growing industry: From Etsy.com to Freelancer.com, dozens of websites have appeared over the last few years. Their appeal shows that the dream of sitting home in one’s pajamas and get illustrator logo designed viewing cash coming in is alive and well.


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Have you got a to-do list as long as your arm? Yep, us too. If you’re trying to get a small business or venture off your ground, there are so many jobs to do. Luckily, you don’t have to do them all yourself. In fact, it’s better if you don’t! Smart entrepreneurs outsource as many jobs as possible. Let the experts take care of your needs, and free yourself up for more important business.









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